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Tomb Qasim Barid

Amir Barid, it appears, began construction of his tomb during his own life time. But he died suddenly at Daulatabad and his tomb remained incomplete. This is an imposing edifice constructed on a platform, with lofty portals in the south. There is spacious hall without roof in this tomb.

Ali Barid too built his own tomb which shows great improvement upon the Bahamani mausoleums. Its platform measures 47.28 on each side. The enclosures walls rise to a great height. There is large dome with a circular base decorated with niches and moldings. A mosque consisting of an open court, a cistern, a prayer hall and an arcade is attached to the tomb.

The Sepulchers of Ibrahim Barid is of the same type as that of his father Ali Barid and likewise presents a stately appearance. In this building, there are three graves, the central one being that of Ibrahim Barid and the other being of his wives. There are other tombs of the members of Ibrahim Barid's family.

The tomb of Qasim Barid II faces, the grave of Ibrahim Barid. It has been built on a 1.83 Meters high platform with well-dressed steps. The circumference of its doom measures 25 meters. The walls on each side have big arch. The tomb of the wife of the Sultan is also by the side of her husband's tomb here.

Khan Jahan, who was the son Qasim Barid, might have constructed his mausoleum during his own life time. It is built with well-chiseled masonry and has steps on all four sides. The dome rests on a circular drum.