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Solah Khamb Mosque

It is said to have been built in 1423-24 A.D. by Qubil Sultani when Prince Muhammad was viceroy. The mosque is known so, as it has 16 pillars in the front. It is also called Zanana Masjid as it is situated near the Zanana enclosure.

It was an important masque as the Friday prayers and state function of a religious character were held here. It is about 90 meters long and 24 meter wide. There is a well beyond the southern wall of the mosque. Its interior is beautiful with provision for fresh air and light inside. The massive columns, arches and domes are attractive. It is considered as one of the largest mosque in India.

Jami Masjid and Kali Masjid are the other two important monuments from the architectural point of view.

Pictures of Solah Khamb Mosque