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Madarsa of Mahmud Gawan

The Madarasa at Bidar founded by Gawan functioned like a residential University. It was built and maintained on the lines of Madarasa of Khurasan. The imposing and spacious building of the institution is considered as a architectural gem and an important land mark of Bidar. The structure is rectangular in shape and is built in area of 4624 Sq. mtrs. The building is attractively decorated with blue colored titles, the fragments of which can be seen even today. Of the two towers only one is intact. The height of the tower is 131 ft. on the front facade Quaranic Verses are written. The library that existed on the other wing is now destroyed. The Madarasa was a three storied building housing a Mosque, A library, lecturer halls, professor's quarters, students cubicles facing open courtyard. The students were taught Arabic, Persian languages, theology, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics etc., They were given free boarding and lodging facilities besides free education.

The teaching staff also lived with students. The building suffered much damage due to explosion of gun powder in 1695, it still retains much of the original architectural features. The Madarasa of Mohamed Gawan is the only one of its kind in India. The tomb of Mohamed Gawan situated on a wide platform to the south of Bidar town is simple structure with stone tablet speaking about a "martyr without fault" and his "unjust execution".

Pictures of Mahmud Gawan