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Jalsangvi Temple

Jalasangi is located just 11 km from the taluk centre Humnabad The monument which was built during the reign of Kalyana Chalukya leader Vikramaditya VI showcases the architectural glory of the times in style. Almost a 100 years before the shilabalikas were sculpted in Belur and Halebid, the madanikas appeared on the temple walls. The temple, which looks like a monuments from a distance, reveals its beauty when one gets near. In fact, the well-known Lekhana Sundari is found on the upper portion of the outer wall of this temple and so is that of the dancing Ganesha. Besides these, the temple also has the sculpture of a mother giving a bunch of grapes to her wailing boy, display of emotions like anger, humour, wit, adding up to over 30 celestial nymphs in various styles. the State government to conserve and popularise the sculpted wonders.

Pictures of Jalsangvi Temple